Interview –

Interview with the administrator of, a Madeira travel platform.

What is ( is a new website fully dedicated to the beautiful archipelago Madeira (including Porto Santo and the Ilhas). On this website you can find background information about the islands, like highlights, history and climate. But also you will find useful tips for your trip and stay on Madeira, compare various travel agents, tour operators and much more…

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Interview – MADproductions

Interview with António Abreu, one of the members and creators of MADproductions.

What is or who are MADproductions?

MADproductions is all about the extreme sports practiced in Madeira Island. Our goal is to valorize young athletes, showing their skills to the extreme sports world community, mostly using photos, social networks and videos. Our other goal is to show Madeira as an elite destination for every type of tourism, mostly active tourism. We are always trying to push our limits to the edge. The riders try to get the podium in every race and the film makers try to be as original and creative as they can be.

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Interview with Dr Manuel Figueiroa

Dr Manuel FigueiroaDr Manuel Figueiroa is a cosmetic surgeon with exceptional experience and qualifications. He is also the Head of the Cosmetic Surgery division at Santa Catarina Hospital.

Dr Manuel Figueiroa has been operating for over 30 years, inspiring confidence in every patient he has treated. During this time he has developed a thorough understanding of the many reasons why people choose to have cosmetic surgery as well as the positive impact it has on their confidence and how they feel about themselves.

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Interview – Madeira Consórcio

Interview with Mrs. Ursula Hahn, relocation consultant and founder of the Madeira Consórcio.

What is Madeira Consórcio?

The Madeira Consórcio Think Tank is a group of individuals (not an association) who are trying to improve the economic situation of the island’s population, by coming up with new business ideas and finding ways to implement them. The aim is to create jobs and business for the population.

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Interview with the makers of ‘WalkMe’

Interview with Pedro Gomes, who is Software Engineer at the University of Madeira and one of the makers of the WalkMe App.

What is WalkMe?

WalkMeWalkMe is an iOS and Android mobile application that aims to be a guide to all hikers in Madeira Island and Porto Santo, providing useful information about the levada walks such as photos, description, map, ways to get to the levada and much more. You can use this application either for planning or during the levada walk.

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