How to start

  • Describe yourself in max. 500 words (in English) and mail it to This will be published on a separate section (your own intro page) on this site. For examples see the intro pages of our Levadeiros
  • Mention also in the email (or via DM) which week(s) you are available to curate the Twitter account;
  • Use TweetDeck to log into your personal Twitter account. Go to and log in with your Twitter account if you have not done that yet;
  • The day before the start of your curation week we will add your Twitter name into the team. You then can start tweeting, following, sharing and messaging as @Madeira using ONLY the TweetDeck interface. At the end of the week we will remove you from the team and add the next levadeiro/curator;
  • Please read the ground rules and disclaimer before starting your levadeiro activities.

If you have any questions please contact us via the known channels or email address mentioned above. Suggestions, tips and/or corrections are also welcome.