Interview with Nick Riley

Nick Riley (Nicholas John Riley from UK is @rileynick on Twitter, and he was recently our guest curator (aka Levadeiro) for the Madeira Island Twitter account (@Madeira). We interviewed him asking a few questions about the experience he had curating the account.

Dear Nick, first of all, on behalf of all Madeira lovers including us, we want to give you a big ‘thank you’ for the great job you have done in curating the @Madeira Twitter account recently. Furthermore we are also grateful that you want to do this interview and sharing your thoughts with the readers of this blog.

Our first question to you is … did you enjoyed your stay here on Madeira Island?

I was asked by my in laws if we wanted to join them on holiday in Madeira as they had met some people on a cruise in the Pacific earlier in the year – that about summed up my impression of the island – quiet and peaceful for the older generation- do I really want to go I thought- with my wife and kids and in laws – how will that work- I even had to Google to find where it was in the ocean!!
I decided it was a yes, or I’d be on my own for a week!!

How was it to tweet as @Madeira on Twitter?

Easy to tweet, tweet deck seems a bit slower and fiddly to control, better to add it to managed accounts – understand security issues though, it worked anyway!

What did you post/tweet most about?

Tweeted about the great time I was having, tried to pull wife and kids away from the poolside- I don’t do that! They eventually showed some interest when I hired an MGB from Old Timer Classics for a morning – super as I am a classic fan (not necessarily of Mother in Laws – joke- love her really, just using the MIL jokes!) Tweeted about the activities and scenery the most – so much to cram into a week – Mountain biking (some of the best I have ridden, single track that is!);Canyoning with 2 of my kids (18 and 13yrs – superb, really great day, it got them off their iPhones and flipping wifi and into nature and risk and adrenaline- they loved it..

Did you get any reactions from the Madeira followers? And which one was you favourite reaction?

A few I think and some followers – probably one from a Chef in USA that saw me tweet about a BBQ – we didn’t eat there though and went to a local recommended restaurant called ‘Viola’ great atmosphere and good food well priced – but NOT vegetarian, unfortunately my wife is, oops!!
Chef Dennis (USA) tweeted me a blueberry buckle recipe after my tweet about eating wild blueberries on a MTB ride.

Did you notice an increase in followers on your own (personal) Twitter account during the curating period? Do you think that might be thanks to the curating of @Madeira?

A few more follows, probably 40 or so in the week – a few dropped off, probably got fed up of me tweeting about a great time I was having (I know my wife did!)

Did you learned more about Madeira Island during/after this experience? And if so, can you give an example?

Heck, yes!!
Adventure sports, wonderful scenery, great food and good value on shopping stuff, but I only did that twice!!
Blown away by the scenery, the family didn’t see it though, stayed by the pool- their loss- I still got a tan too!!

Would you recommend other Madeira lovers to do this (to be a guest curator for @Madeira) also?

Yes I would, fun and evening entertainment, I didn’t turn the tv on!!

Did this experience gave you new ideas or contacts related to Madeira Island?

A few I’d say, guess some may start to come now?
I think it’s a way to go and perhaps 2 weeks might have seen twitter work more for me – FB and Instagram seem to be bigger on the island – everyone needs to publicise their twitter accounts?

What would you like to see and/or read more via Twitter about Madeira Island?

Adventure sports; great local places to eat; top value days out ; top ten list (not from a book!)

Do you have any future plans in visiting again the island?

Defo- to work for the tourist board and get a greater diversity of visitors – not many young adventure types on our flight (oops, I’m 50, almost forgot!!) no single 20-35yr olds I would say!..

And finally, do yo have any personal message you would like to say to all the Madeirenses, both living on the island and elsewhere?

You have a wonderful island, look after her, promote environmentally aware and sensitive activities, make sure sustainability is a priority, don’t buy bottled water when you can drink the tap water, take a water bottle and fill it daily, tell others about the island, follow me on twitter (of course;)) and finally have fun and explore the fantastic island – Don’t overheat by the pool, stack stones on the beach if you want a tan, explore the island and fill your memories – they will last, your tan won’t especially if you are living in the UK !..

We thank Nick for doing this interview. Please visit/follow his Twitter channel.


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