Interview – Jardim Orquídea (Pregetter’s Orchid Garden)

Interview with Verena Binder, President of the Fundação Josef Pregetter

Is the Jardim Orquídea only a garden or more than that?

We want to show how orchids are growing in the wild and to give people a better understanding for these plants. We show from the start (seed) all the stages up to an adult plant.

Who are (were) the people behind this garden project?

Josef Pregetter (my father) started 23 years ago to build the garden, and founded the Josef Pregetter Foundation.

I took over the family business 5 years ago. It is now the 4th family generation working with those wonderful plants. The company started 105 years ago in Austria (Weiz)

“We have a collection of around 50.000 plants”

What are the goals/objectives of the Jardim Orquídea?

We are collecting and saving orchids in order to them from extinction. Also to keep old species in culture and to give a wider range of people the opportunity to enjoy the fascination of this orchids. So that many later generations of plant lovers can enjoy the beauty of these flowers.

We work together with Universities, Botanical Gardens and other similar institutions as well as with private collectors and orchid lovers. Our investigations allows us to keep old species alive (some of them exist only in this garden) to build a greater interest for nature and to pass our knowledge in workshops and seminars

Also we are hosting students from all over the world, so that they can do their internship at our garden.

How many variety of orchids does the garden have?

We have around 230 species and about 1.500 hybrids.

We have a collection of around 50.000 plants including Bromelias, Tillandsia and many other tropical and subtropical plants.

“we are hosting students from all over the world, so that they can do their internship at our garden.”

Why is Madeira Island ideal place for orchids?

The climates is almost perfect for all the existing 30.000 species. We have fresh water, high humidity and pleasant temperatures.

When and what time is the garden open? And where is it located?

We are open every day (except 25th of December) from 9.00h till 18.00h

Fundação Josef Pregetter – Jardim Orquidea
Rua Pita da Silva 37
9060-240 Funchal

200m under the Botanical Garden