Interview – Madeira Consórcio

Interview with Mrs. Ursula Hahn, relocation consultant and founder of the Madeira Consórcio.

What is Madeira Consórcio?

The Madeira Consórcio Think Tank is a group of individuals (not an association) who are trying to improve the economic situation of the island’s population, by coming up with new business ideas and finding ways to implement them. The aim is to create jobs and business for the population.

The Think Tank started its work in April 2012. One member (Ursula) is part of Contraditório Think Tank in Lisbon ( and represents the group there.

“There are no problems – only obstacles.”

The Madeira Consorcio is a nonprofit organization, works pro bono and has no affiliation with any political institution or other interest groups.

Who are the persons behind this ‘Think-Tank’?

A well-selected group of people – Madeirans and foreign residents – with a good head and the willingness to spend time on the projects.

The group currently consists of 7-8 active members who attend most of the meetings and several associate members who cannot attend but can be contacted for specific information.

“Our island will not sink!”

What is the mission statement of Madeira Consórcio?

We want to cultivate and nurture new ideas to develop products and solutions, and increase the export of existing products, in order to create more quality jobs for the population.

“We shall make a difference and contribute to the good of our economy and the population.”

What are the areas the Madeira Consórcio has its focus on?

We have three working groups:

  • Agriculture
  • Tourism & Business in General

Each group meets generally twice per month.

Who can join? And how can you be a member?

Potential newcomers can be recommended by one of the members (interested persons can contact Ursula) and invited to attend, then the group decides if the person will be accepted.

What makes the island of Madeira unique in the area of opportunities?

Madeira is a beautiful tourist destination with a mild climate. The island needs to develop more attractions to draw tourists from other destinations. We also want to develop ideas from other destinations which can be adapted to our island’s conditions.

In the area of agriculture, our sub-tropical climate – with clean air, clean water and clean land – allows for the cultivation of more “exotic” plants and vegetables: We want to focus with the farmers on agricultural niche products which are rare, cannot be produced easily elsewhere in Europe and will bring them better profits.

Gen. Eisenhower: “If problem can’t be solved, enlarge it.”

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