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Interview with the administrator of, a Madeira travel platform.

What is ( is a new website fully dedicated to the beautiful archipelago Madeira (including Porto Santo and the Ilhas). On this website you can find background information about the islands, like highlights, history and climate. But also you will find useful tips for your trip and stay on Madeira, compare various travel agents, tour operators and much more…

Who is/are the person(s) behind this website and what do they (does he/she) do?

The website is made by mr. E. Bes from the Netherlands. Though he is an internet entrepreneur, this website is just a personal project.

What is your link/relationship with Madeira?

Mr. E. Bes is an island lover. He visited many islands in Europe, but has a special interest in the Portuguese islands. He visited Madeira in 2005 and the Azores in 2006. He also has a comprehensive website about the Azores ( He is planning to visit Madeira and the Azores in the near future.

What makes Madeira special from other holiday destinations?

Madeira is not a typical sun, beach and nightlife holiday destination. The captivating landscape of Madeira is the primary reason why Madeira attracts a lot of visitors all year round. The beautiful scenery, with lush green hills and mountains, forests and the diverse nature are the main attractions here. You can explore the island and enjoy all kinds of activities on the island, like golf, scuba-diving, surfing, hiking or watch birds, dolphins and whales. Besides this there is an excellent choice in a wide variety of accommodations.

What makes your website different from the other travel guides on the web?

Like other websites ToMadeira gives the basic travel information you want as a tourist. Which travel agents offer holiday packages to Madeira, what is the weather on Madeira in May, what kind of activities one can do on Madeira. The website is currently available in English and Dutch.

But, the website also tries to give insider tips and background information about Madeira, Porto Santo and the Ilhas. Over time the website will continue to grow with help of local people and visitors to achieve this. So, do you have any information, ideas or pictures you want to share please contact Besides this the website also wants to give local businesses and entrepreneurs in Madeira a platform to promote their business online. You can think about holiday homes, but also about tour operators or diving schools.

So instead of being just another travel guide, ToMadeira wants to be an online platform made by local people and business for tourists and visitors.