Interview with Anita Luchies

Name : Anita Luchies

Anita is DJ for the Dutch radio-station Radio Capelle (105.3 FM Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands)

Can you describe Madeira in just only one word?

How many times have you visited Madeira Island? And when was the first time?
Once, April 2013

What are the three best reasons to include Madeira on our travel list?
Quietness, Mountains and Green

Madeira - Photo by Anita Luchies
Madeira – Photo by Anita Luchies

Tell us about your most favourite and also the least favourite thing about Madeira.
Favourite: the Mountains; the least was the large number of closed up stores.

Lets talk about food: what is your favorite Madeiran food and that you would suggest everyone should try?
Hmm The food was OK enough but nothing to recommend

What is the first thing you recommend people to do when they arrive on the island?
Watch the sea, just outside the airport

Where do you recommend to go for a day trip on Madeira Island?
You can’t go wrong… just start walking or driving in any direction

What do you think of the locals/people from Madeira?
Friendly enough. Not particularly interesting

Do you know an ‘off-the-beaten path’ place in Madeira? Tell us which one.
Anywhere deep in the mountains

We love souvenirs! Which one would you suggest us to buy in Madeira Island?
None, not very interesting souvenirs to buy, or you must enjoy your alcohol.

Any other thing(s) about the island that travelers should know?
Just go and find out yourself…
Oh and DO rent a car!