Interview with Deborah Holloway

Name: Deborah Holloway (Facebook)

Tell us what you do for a living and do you travel a lot (or not)?
I work in a hospital as an imaging technologist. I travel two or three times a year.

Can you describe Madeira in just only one word?

How many times have you visited Madeira Island? And when was the first time?
Just once-Sept 2012.

Madeira - Deborah Holloway
Madeira – Deborah Holloway

What was the reason for your visit?

What are the three best reasons to include Madeira on our travel list?
Natural beauty, incredible views, kind welcoming people.

When is the best season (for you) to travel to Madeira Island?
I think spring but it was lovely in late summer too!

Tell us about your most favorite and also the least favorite thing about Madeira.
The levadas. They are the special, unique and amazing living architectural and beautiful feature of the island! The least favorite? Trying to find a place to do my own laundry-closely followed by trying not to fall down on the steep cobbled streets!

Lets talk about food: what is your favorite Madeiran food and that you would suggest everyone should try?
Mmm-the honey cakes, the bread that is sold on the streets, fresh fruits, and the vinho verde!

What is the first thing you recommend people to do when they arrive in Madeira?
Go on an island driving tour. So much fun. Exiting and very interesting too!

Where do you recommend to go for a day trip on Madeira Island?
A levada tour for sure. It is hard say which one. Maybe start with Ribeiro Frio?

What is the most famous landmark? And which one is your favorite?
I have to say that Reid’s was divine. Tea on the terrace! I also really enjoyed the church at Monte.

Madeira – Deborah Holloway
Madeira – Deborah Holloway

Do you have a place on the island where you feel most comfortable, or had the most fun? Where’s your secret hangout place on Madeira?
I need to come back to decide but I remember loving the north coast. If I tell the name it won’t be a secret but there is a cool little surf break there…

What do you think of the locals/people from Madeira?
I met some very sweet and kind people. No bad experiences!

Do you know an ‘off-the-beaten path’ place in Madeira? Tell us which one.
Levadas again!

We love souvenirs! Which one would you suggest us to buy in Madeira Island?
I love the lace. I bought as much as I could afford. Everyone appreciated gifts of handmade lace!

Any other thing(s) about Madeira that travelers should know?
Go to old town Funchal and shop and stroll and eat and listen to Fado!