Interview with traveller Wim Reichert

We are very happy that Wim Reichert has agreed on taking part in an interview for the Levadeiros of Madeira. Wim is from The Netherlands and visits Madeira 2-3 times per year.

Wim, first of all we want to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with the readers of Levadeiros of Madeira. Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am 55 years old and due to several experiences during my life, I am now completely focused in enjoying my life and do everything what I want to do. You only live once! Madeira is one of my favourite destinations. We love the island, but also our friends that live there.

Can you describe Madeira in just only one word?

How many times have you visited Madeira Island? And when was the first time?
This our 19th time that we visited Madeira. The first time was in April 2007 (Easter).

The first time you visited Madeira, what was the reason for your visit?
Our purpose then was to visit friends that moved to Madeira. But we also discovered the beauty of the island.

And what is the reason when you visited it the last time?
To enjoy Madeira and our friends

What are the three best reasons to include Madeira on your travel list?
The beauty of Madeira, the good weather and of course our friends that live there.

When is the best season (for you) to travel to Madeira Island?
Any season is fine for me.

Tell us about your most favourite and also the least favourite thing about Madeira.
Most favourite: the good weather and the beautiful nature. The least: all the construction that is going on at this moment.

“For me the whole island is interesting. It depends on what your interested in.”

Lets talk about food: what is your favourite Madeiran food and that you would suggest everyone should try?
The meat sticks (Espetada). Also there is a lot of fish dishes on the island that is worth trying, but I am not a fish-lover.

What is the first thing you recommend people to do when they arrive in Madeira?
Go into Funchal and see the people. And enjoy the many gardens and flowers they have.

Where do you recommend to go for a day trip on Madeira Island?
For me the whole island is interesting. It depends on what your interested in.

Do you have a place on the island where you feel most comfortable, or had the most fun? Where’s your secret hangout place on Madeira?
We love the hotel (The Golden residence in Funchal) and its surroundings. Shopping and food are all close by and easy access to discover the island.

What do you think of the locals/people from Madeira?
They are friendly but a bit shy.

Do you know an ‘off-the-beaten path’ place in Madeira? Tell us which one.
Take a taxi and let him show you the hidden places of the island, where no tourist normally goes. You will love it.

We love souvenirs! Which one would you suggest us to buy in Madeira Island?
There are nice towels with embroidered flowers on it. It’s a nice present for friends, but take also some for yourself. At home it reminds you of Madeira … and it is useful. There are also a lot of things you can buy that people love to have, but I am not into that. I like useful souvenirs that reminds me of my holiday destination.

Any other thing(s) about Madeira that travellers should know?
Go and discover Madeira! The best way is to start is by doing some tours and afterwards, when you return, you can go on your own to enjoy the sites that you loved most during the tour.