Nádia Rodrigues

Hi! I’m Nádia. I’m a 29-year-old Work and Organizations psychologist working in the field of hospitality. I was born and raised in Madeira Island but I have lived for about 5 years in the mainland. During that time I missed the sea… I missed the sea a lot!

I’m a proud inhabitant of Madeira because of its diversity: I can surf in the ocean in the morning, do a picnic in the woods in the afternoon, do some shopping at the mall in the evening and dance at the disco through the night (yes, all of this in the same day!). This variety is also present in the landscapes, the traditions and (best of all) in the food!

Photography is my passion and it has allowed me to look into Madeira’s land and seascapes with more depth and complexity. You can check my photo project about Madeira at

My job at a hotel keeps me in touch with many different people and cultures. So if you do check-in at Vila Galé Santa Cruz please ask for me in the reception, I’ll be very pleased to give you a tour.

Personal Twitter: @nadiarodrigues