Participation Rules

  • As this is a global project, your tweets will have to be exclusively in English. As far as international communication is concerned, English is the best means to reach out to and attract as large an audience as possible. Of course, some words in Portuguese as reference are absolutely okay.
  • The levadeiro must be an active Twitter user already. Also he/she needs to have a TweetDeck account in order to be added into the Levadeiro team.
  • The levadeiro should at least tweet twice a day, each day throughout a week. Also respond and engage with the followers.
  • The assigned levadeiro must have a link with the Autonomous Region of Madeira: either he/she is a current or former Madeira citizen, or his/her ancestors are from Madeira, or he/she frequently visits the island (Madeira lovers) and is willing to abide by the stipulated guidelines, then he/she can also be considered for nomination.
  • The assigned levadeiro agrees to play nice on the account. No (verbal)fighting, spamming, trolling or obscene behavior are allowed. @Madeiraful is a friendly shared account, with the objective to engage people, not alienate them.
  • The assigned levadeiro should keep politics out of the discussion as much as possible. The idea is to promote national and cultural identity.

Read also the Disclaimer