Press Release

@Madeira is a ‘Rotation Curation’ Twitter account.

What does ‘Rotation Curation’ mean?

Rotation Curation is the concept of providing a spokesperson to manage, during a certain period, a broad scoped social media account. Such a scope can be a location, country, organization, group, etc.

On the platform Twitter this has been proven to be very successful. There are numerous accounts nowadays where you have a different spokesperson each week. Such a successful Twitter account is for example @Sweden, also known as ‘The Curators of Sweden’ – a social media campaign initiated by Svenska Institutet and @VisitSweden on Twitter.

Unlike the Curators of Sweden project, which is an official state-authorized campaign to let every citizen of Sweden tweet on behalf of the whole nation, the @Madeira is an unofficial and not funded Twitter account.

The @Madeira account was registered on 10th of May 2007 by a private individual with the objective to promote the island which in those days was not so popular (on the web).

The @Madeira has become a program which aims to offer citizens and residents of Madeira Islands the opportunity to present the Madeira heritage and culture through the diversity of mindsets, experiences and views that the Portuguese island has.

Using the Rotation Curation concept the information flow of the Twitter account is now being maintained by curators, in this case called ‘levadeiros’.

The levadeiro or levadeira has the task to recommend things to do and places to see, sharing diverse opinions, and ideas along the way, during a period of seven days. He/she will maintain the Twitter channel @Madeira and let the stream of information flow down to the followers visual senses.

The objective is that each week a new person in/from Madeira takes over the helm of the @Madeira Twitter account and shares with the world their Madeira impressions, memories, stories, pictures, culture and identity.

The publications and interactions are in English. As far as international communication is concerned, English is the best means to reach out to and attract as large an audience as possible. However some words in Portuguese as reference are of course okay.

The assigned levadeiro must have a some kind of link with the Autonomous Region of Madeira: either he/she is a current or former Madeira citizen, or his/her ancestors are from Madeira, or he/she frequently visits the island.

The concept ‘Roration Curation‘ is new for the Madeira region (and Portugal). This is also the first one in Portugal.

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