Sandra and Brian


We are based in the UK and made our first visit to Madeira 15 years ago. We wanted to visit for the flowers and the climate. We visited again in November 2006 and then in April 2009. This April 2009 visit was planned so that we could be in Madeira for the Annual Flower Festival in Funchal. Our last visit was in November 2015.

In England we enjoy visiting gardens and taking photographs when we are not organizing and attending Farmers Markets.

We have tried to include a mix of photos including some of landscapes, the flower festival, flowers, Christmas lights through to the painted doors of Old Funchal Town.

This reflects the type of subjects that we photograph normally. We are both members of a photographic club in the UK and have a genuine interest for locally produced items which has resulted in our involvement in farmers market in Kent for the last 17 years.
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John Starns



My name is John, I’m a photographer living in the UK.

My family have owned property in Madeira for over twenty years and I have holidayed on the island on a number of occasions and absolutely love being there.

During my week as Levadeiro of @Madeira I will be tweeting a number of beautiful views and aspects that illustrate the rich culture and abundant nature of on this beautiful destination.
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My name is Cristina and I am from Madeira. 5 years ago I had to leave to Lisbon so I could get my degree and now I am working on a ONG. Being far away from home made me realize how lucky I am to be Madeirense and how truly special and magical Madeira is.

I look forward to make people realize the magic of Madeira and share everything special it has.
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Dina Yates

Dina Yates


I am a theatre director and producer from the UK. My husband is british and I have 5 gorgeous children who I adore.

Both my parents are from Madeira and I was born in the beautiful town of Calheta. We emigrated to UK in the late 70’s.

The majesty of Madeira never ceases to leave me in awe and wanting to return year after year. I am addicted to photographing all the treasures Madeira has to offer, no 2 photographs have ever been the same and would like to share my family adventures in this beautiful island with you.
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Bom día!

My name is Aletta and I am born and raised in The Netherlands. I was born in 1965 in a town called Baarn, in the center of the country. In 2003 I moved to Ermelo, a village that is situated near the Veluwe, the largest natural and touristic region of Holland.

I like spending my time in the woods with my husband and my dog, an Australian Terrier. My hobbies are travelling, photography, spinning, step biking and music.

The picture in my bio was taken during my last visit to Madeira, at New Year’s day 2016 in Funchal. Love Madeira!

In December/January I visited the island of Madeira for the third time. I have really fallen in love with its beautiful nature and lovely people. I have several friends who live on the island and one friend who is born in Funchal, but lives in Lisbon. I also travelled to the coast of Lisbon and made a round trip through the center and the Alentejo. Love Portugal too!
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Jayne Deeley

Jayne Deeley


My name is Jayne and I am 33 years of age and live in the UK.

I visited Madeira in 2013 and 2015 and absolutely love the island!

My hobbies are art, photography and architecture – among other things – and Madeira was full of all of these, providing plenty of inspiration for art and craft ideas for me to do!

I will be tweeting recommendations of places to visit and things to do, also using some of the many photographs that I have taken during both visits to Madeira to showcase the beauty of the island.
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Ola !

I’m Aurélie, 26 year-old, born and raised in France. My parents are Maderian (from Ribeira Brava and Caniçal), but they immigrated in France 30 years ago. Half of my family is living in Madeira, so I visited Madeira several times.

Right now I’m living in Brasil, and enjoying a lot this country. Thus, I’ll maybe tweet about Madere and Brasil links ;)!

I’m found of music and I also like sports. As I studied economy and geopolitics I also want to share some information on Madeira economy/geopolitics aspects.

My lovely sister, Charlène and I, are going to show that Madeira is way more than Cristiano Ronaldo!!! Get ready !
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Kayla Nóbrega

Kayla Nóbrega

Hi, my name is Kayla Nóbrega and I am a Portuguese citizen. My parents are both born and raised in Caniçal Madeira. I will be your Levadeira for the week!

My parents both immigrated to USA when they were in their 20’s. I am 17 years old and ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been in love with Madeira and the beauty of the culture, friendly people and so much more!

I moved back to NY when I was 3. Ever since that me and my family always go back to Madeira to visit family every year and keep our heritage alive! I will tweet all about my roots and spread the beautiful culture of Madeira!

If you ever get a chance I would highly recommend coming to Madeira Island to explore and see how wonderful it really is!
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Leónio and Laia

Leónio and Laia

Hello there! We’re a married couple: Leónio from Madeira and Laia from Barcelona, Spain. We live and work in Barcelona but visit Madeira and enjoy its weather, food and beaches as much as we can (usually twice a year)!!

We love to explore different places and run a travelblog called The main purpose is to help travelers planning their trips, talk about cool places we visited and discover new spots to stop by!
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Meg Gomes

Meg Gomes

I’m a 20 year old Canadian and Portuguese girl. My parents are both from Madeira Island, particularly Câmara de Lobos. I have been to the beautiful island seven times and I will continue to go throughout the years. It’s quite obvious why I love being there. It’s rich in culture, nature, and breathtaking views that only those who have been there can understand. I’m also a graduate makeup artist and side photographer. I enjoy the simple things and beauty in life.
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