This week Levadeiro

This week the @Madeira will be maintained by the initiator of this project (@donamaro). In the meantime we are in contact with some interesting candidates for the position of ‘Levadeiro’.

You can suggest a suitable candidate (not yourself) who is a Madeira (or Porto Santo) citizen or has strong roots with the island.

Send an email to with answers to the following questions and we will consider your suggestion.

  • What is his/her Twitter account?
  • What are his or hers biggest interests and passions?
  • Why would someone outside of Madeira be interested in him or her?
  • What is your full name, email address and phone number?

Please be aware that the following Participation Rules are applied.

Madeira Islands

That mist between the eucalyptus trees... it's really a special effect! #SharingMadeira

Madeira Islands

You think it's too crowded in Queimadas for a quiet walk? No problem. You can walk along Levada da Silveira instead of Levada do Caldeirão Verde. You won't meet anyone and have stunning views on the green mountains too. But you will miss the waterfall...

Madeira Islands

Those Laurissilva trees, the view on the clouds, breathtaking landscapes... There is no place like Fanal! #SharingMadeira